🌟 *A Timeworthy Bushraa for Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’a and Students of Knowledge Worldwide!!!!!* 🌟

 _The Long-Awaited Launch of Daarul Hadith As-Salafiyyah in the Lands of Eeman and Hikmah._ 

More precisely, Ibb City, Yemen.

▪      ▪      ▪      ▪     

✒   All Praise belongs to Allaah and Peace and Salutations  upon His Final Messenger.

*To Proceed:*



On this Day of 10th from Rajab 1438H, which corresponds to Friday the 7th of April 2017, we announce the Opening of Daarul Hadith As-Salafiyyah (The Salafi Centre for Hadith and Islamic Sciences) in The City of Ibb, _May Allaah Safeguard it._


🎯 The Centre which will be run by:

*Our Sheikh Al Faqeeh*


❄ Abu Abdillah *Muhammed bin Ali bin Hizaam* al-Ba’daani ❄

 _(May Allaah preserve him)_


As well as a number of well-adept Students of Knowledge and Du’aat.


💢 *The Centre itself comprises:*

🔹 A Masjid for the Men, which can accommodate up to 3000 worshippers.

🔸A Masjid for the Women.

🔹A General Library equipped with knowledge based Literature

🔸A Ground-floor Dormitory for Single Students

🔹Guest Facilities and Accomodation

🔸A Kitchen

🔹A Funeral Facility to wash the Deceased

…..As well as more.


We ask Allaah to make the Centre Beneficial to Islaam.



*Written by*


_The Poor One in need of His Lord’s Pardoning_


_Abu Huthayfa Zaahir As-Shahaari As-Salafi Al-Athari_


Daarul Hadith As-Salafiyyah Ibb, Yemen. 

        – *[End of translation]*-


🔴  🔵  ⚪

*I (Abu Mu’aawiyah) say:*

Ahlus Sunnah and all those who love the True Religion of Islaam, Hasten to taking Advantage of this opportunity whilst it exists, for there is no khayr except it has its duration and Allaah’s aid is sought.

Beloved Muslim, set yourself a target over the next few years, that Allaah gives you success in travelling to the likes of these Mountaineous Centres of Ilm to benefit from the People of Knowledge whilst they’re still here.

💢 *Many of us outline ourselves 5-year career plans.*

 How about the True Religion of Our Creator? And Cultivating our Children upon the Correct Aqeedah and Upright Mannerisms?
Do we forget that a Timeperiod will come where there are no ‘Ulamaah on the Earth, instead Ignorance will reign, prevail and take their place?



🎯 *Insha’Allaah then, we’re able to spare a year for this Noteworthy Cause of Talabul ‘Ilm!!*


I ask Allaah to make Daarul Hadith Ibb, a Beacon of Light and Honour for Islaam and the Muslims and to make it a Crown on the Heads of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’a.


Indeed my Lord is Able to Do All Things.


*Written by the Poor one unto His Lord*


_Abu Mu’aawiyah_ Abdullah Hassan

_May Allaah pardon him, his parents the Muslims and overlook their shortcomings._

11 رجب 1438هـ.

Sheffield, UK.

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