To those who boast about their lineage | Shaykh Ibn Taymiyah رحمه الله

إلى من يتفاخرون بأنسابهم

قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية:

” ليس في كتاب الله آية واحدة يَمدَحُ فِيهَا أَحَدًا بِنَسَبِهِ، ولا يَذُمُ أَحَدًا بِنَسَبِهِ، وإنما يَمدحُ بالإيمانَ والتقوى، ويَذمَ بالكفرِ والفسوقِ والعصيان ” .

مجموع الفتاوى 230/35 .

Shaykhul islaam Ibn Taymiyah said: There is not one verse in the book of Allah in which one is praised due to his lineage, nor one in which one is dispraised due to his lineage. Rather one is praised with Eeman and Piety and dispraised with disbelief, evil deeds, and sins.”

Majmoo Al Fataawa 35/230

Majeed Jawed Al-Afghanee

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