بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

A product of the Jamaican diaspora striving to give back in ways of sharing content regarding Islam – to my familypeople, non-Muslims and Muslims at large. 

Qur’an: “Invite to the way of your Lord (i.e to sole worship of the Creator with no associates) with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His way, and He is most knowing of who is [rightly] guided.” (16:125)

Some of the Salaf (i.e our righteous predecessors) said: “I do not know which of the two blessings upon me is greater, the blessing that Allaah guided me to Islam from amongst all the religions, or the blessing that Allaah guided me to the Sunnah (i.e The example/ way of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him)  from amongst all the groups and sects. They are two great blessings: the blessing of Islam and the Sunnah (i.e The example/ way of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).”

Furthermore, this blog is a reminder to myself first & foremost.

“And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.” (Qur’an: 51:55)

The menu contains 12 tabs in total, with this being the first (i.e Home):

  • Home – Simply the initial page which mentions the purpose of this blog.
  • Various benefits – Various fatawa from the Shuyookh upon uprightness bi’idhnillah, ahaadith, ayaat, and some abstracts/ snippets from different kutub from the ‘Ulema.
  • Reflections –  A recollection where I share personal reflections with the intent to benefit.
  • My journey to Islam – As self-explanatory as it is, a textual walk-through of why I embraced Islam back in 2012.
  • Islam in Jamaica – A brief collection of content to refute the concept that Islam as a faith is new to the Island of Jamaica. Rather I see myself as a convert to Islam, simply embracing the religion which my ancestors were upon.
  • What is Islam? – Written to target the non-Muslims who want to further their understanding of this beautiful faith. This tab contains text about the Qur’an, the beautiful character of the Last Prophet, a brief summary of the tenants of Islam, and a PDF I wrote to my family,entitled “The antidote against the illness of misconception“.
  • Jesus in Islam – Clarifying the Islamic belief surrounding the Messiah, tackling various doubts, such as: is Jesus God? Did God die? and the effort to contrast the differences in believe (regarding Jesus) between the Islamic and Christian faith.
  • Newly practicing  – A collection of various content, such as, PDF’s on how to make wudu, pray, fast during Ramadhan, and booklets pertaining to the beliefs of a Muslim. Suitable for new Muslims or born Muslims who recently started practicing.
  • Pamphlet series – A series of pamphlets encompassing various aspects of Islam. Beneficial to those who want to learn more or those Muslims who want to learn Islam’s perspective on various things – compiled by our brother Faisal Abu Sulayman and edited by our brother Zain Abu Abdulbaree
  • Beneficial links – A link directing to various blogs and YouTube channels were one could benefit by the permission of Allahu ta’ala

– Your brother, Abu Layla Yunus Prince al-Kanadee al-Jamaykee

اخوكم أبو ليلى يونس برينس الكندي الجامايكي

Contact: aljamaykee@gmail.com

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