Your mother…

From ‘Alee bin al-Hussain that it was said to him that you are from the best amongst the people but I do not see you eating with your mother?’ He answered: ‘I fear that, if I eat with her, my hand might precede her eye upon some food, so I would have been disrespectful to her! !’ [Collected in ‘al-Birr wa Silaah’ p.82, taken from ‘Akhbar as-Salaf’ p.270] 

From al-Hasan bin Nuh who said: Khamas used to work using plaster every day for two small coins, and when the evening would approach he would buy a piece of fruit with that and bring it to his mother!’ [Collected in ‘al-Hileeyah’ 6/212, taken from ‘Akhbar as-Salaf’ p.271]

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