The 7 under Allah’s shade – Question…


Does the Hadith “seven persons whom Allah will shade under His shade when there will be no shade other than that of Him” refer exclusively to men, or will women who have the same virtue and do similar acts also gain the degree mentioned in the Hadith?

Answer of Shaikh Ibn Baaz:

The virtue mentioned in the Hadith is not exclusive to men; it is equally applicable to both men and women. A young woman who grows up worshiping Allah (Exalted be He) falls under the same category as that of young man. The same applies to two women who love each other for the Sake of Allah; a lady who is tempted by a man of high standing and fair looking but she restrains her chastity and says, ‘I fear Allah’; a woman who gives charity from a lawfully earned money, so discreetly that her right hand does not know what her left has given away; and a woman who constantly remembers Allah (Exalted be He) within herself until her eyes are gushed with tears. However, the issue of leadership and leading congregational prayers in mosques are of the exclusive characteristics of men alone.

It is far more virtuous for a woman to offer prayer in her house as stated in an authentic Hadiths related from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). May Allah grant us success.


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