500 Years of Ramadan in Jamaica


Muslims in Jamaica will join their brothers and sisters in Islam and start the annual ritual of fasting between dawn to dusk for the month of Ramadan.  Ramadan will start on July 9, 2013 and will continue for 30 days until August 7, 2013. To the western mind, the fast of Ramadan may appear harsh and yet, over a billion believers gladly grasp the opportunity not only to engage in this fast but are saddened when the month comes to an end.

Muslims see the month of Ramadan as a special opportunity to come closer to their God. It is said Ramadan is the only month in which Muslims from all over the world share common experiences, like the feeling of hunger and thirst and relief on breaking the fast on evenings. Muslims believe that during this holy month all sins can be wiped out with fasting. The Holy Prophet…

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