It is upon the student of knowledge…

قال الإمام ابن جماعة رحمه الله :
Al Imaam Jamaa’a -may Allaah have mercy on him-

ينبغي لطالب العلم أن لا يخالط إلَّا من يفيده أو يستفيد منه ،
It is upon the student of knowledge that he does not mix with except who benefits him or that he benefits from him.

فإن تعرَّض لصحبة مَن يُضيِّع عمره معه ولا يُفيده ولا يَستفيد منه ، ولا يُعينه على ماهو بصدده ،
If he is exposed to friendship to he whom with him he will waste his life, does not benefit him nor benefit from him, and does not help him to what his purpose is.

فلْيَتَلَطَّفْ في قَطع عِشرته من أوَّل الأمر قبل تَمَكّنها ،
Then let him be gentle in his disconnecting his companionship from the beginning before it intensifies.

فإنَّ الأمور إذا تمكَّنت عسرت إزالتها.
For verily the affairs when they intensify its removal becomes difficult.

فإن احتاج إلى من يصحبه فلْيكُنْ صاحباً صالحاً دَيِّناً تَقيِّاً وَرِعاً ذَكِيَّاً ،
So if it’s needed to take a friend let him be a friend who is righteous, practicing, devout, fear of Allaah and intelligent.

كثير الخير ، قليل الشر ،
حسن المداراة ، قليل المماراة
إن نسيَ ذكَّرَه ،
وإن ذَكَرَ أعانَه ،
وإن احتاجَ واساه ،
وإن ضَجِر َصبَّره” .
Lots of good, little evil.
Good at responding with gentleness, little quarrelling.
If he was to forget (something) , he would remind (him with it).
If he would remember (something) , he would help (with it).
If he would need something, he would provide ( it).
If he would become angry/annoyed, he would (advice) him with patience.

(📚 تذكرة السامع والمتكلم ص٨٣ ).

Translated by abu Abdirahman ashingaani

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