Excerpts From The Advice Of Shaykh Muhammad Bin Abdulwahaab Al-Aqeel For The Students Of Knowledge

ذا تكلم طالب العلم فيما لا يحسنه , أو ترك الأخذ عن المشايخ وتكبر عليهم , وتكلم بقضايا تجتمع هيئة كبار العلماء من أجل البث فيها , يتكلم بها هكذا من أم رأسه دون تروٍّ ولا أناة ولا حلم , ودون نقل عن العلماء المتقدمين والمتأخرين , هذا هو التعالم نعود بالله من ذلك .

If the student of knowledge begins to speak about matters of which he excels not in, or abandons taking knowledge from the mashaayikh (the scholars), and becomes arrogant in turning to them, and speaks about affairs which the committee of the major scholars would (probably) come together upon to propagate a ruling for. (And) while he just speaks about it like that, from his head without any form of consideration or patience or forbearance, he doesn’t quote any past or later scholars, then this is pretending to have knowledge, while we seek refuge with Allah from that.

فينبغي لطالب العلم أن يعرف قدر نفسه ويتق الله عز وجل …كذلك الأدب في الألفاظ عندما يقول : قال شيخ الإسلام , وقال ابن القيم , وقال الشيخ فلان .. فلا ينبغي أن يقول عنده : قلت , أو الذي أرجحه , أو الذي أراه , أو هذا عندي , كما قيل :

So, it is appropriate that the student of knowledge knows his level and fears Allah. Likewise, he should possess manners in his wordings, when he says Shaykhul Islam said and Ibnul Qayyim said and Shaykh so-and-so said. It is not appropriate for him to then say ‘I hold’ or that ‘which I consider a stronger opinion’ or that ‘which I see’ or this is ‘my view’, as been said (by a poet):

يقولون هذا عندنا غير جائز *** فمن أنتم حتى يكون لكم عندُ

‘They say our view is ‘this is not permissible’ *** So who are you to have a view’

نسأل الله عز وجل أن يصلح قلوبنا وأن يرزقنا التواضع لله وممن نتعلم منه .

We ask Allah azza wajall to recifty our hearts and that He grants us humbleness for Him and for those who we are learning knowledge from

Reference: The Tape ‘Akhlaaq Taalibil Ilm’ on min 49:20.

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