Pertaining to the rulings of the supermoon eclipse

Pertaining to the rulings of the supermoon eclipse:

Among them is that we do not pray it unless it is seen and we do not infrom others of its occurence beforehand.

Shaikh Ibn ul-‘Uthaymeen rahimahullah was asked:

Question: Is it more deserving to inform about the promise of an eclipse so that the people can prepare?

Answer: “What is more deserving in my opinion is not to inform because the coming of the eclipse suddenly will fall more severely in the souls of the people. So like this, we find that when the people knew about the physical means of the eclipse and they knew about it before its occurrence, the affair became weaker in the hearts. So like this, the people, before knowing these affairs, if an eclipse occurred were very afraid and went to the masaajid fearful and their hearts trembling. And in Allah aid is sought”

[Majmoo al-Fatawa wa-Rasaail no. 5931]

Also the Shaikh said rahimahullah”

Issue: If the astronomers say: there will be a eclipse, then we do not pray until we see it with a regular sight because the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa salam said:

إذا رأيتم ذلك فصلو

If you see that, then pray

[Bukhari no. 1058 and  Muslim no. 901]

As for if Allah favors us that we do not see it in our land except through a telescope, then we do not pray”

[Sharh Mumti’ (5/180)]

The Shaikh also said:

Issue: Is it better to inform people about its occurrence before it occurs?

Answer: “No doubt its occurrence suddenly is more severe upon the souls and if the people speak of it before its occurrence and calm the souls for it and prepare for it, then the affair becomes a natural affair. Like the Eid prayer which the people gather for. So like this, we do not find a benefit in informing about it, rather it is closer to harm than benefit”

[Sharh Mumti’ (5/179)

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan

Abu Sulaymaan

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