For surely if the person doesn’t attends the circles of knowledge

Ash-Shaykh Bin Baaz, rahimahullah, said :

” فإن الإنسان إذا كان ﻻ يحضر حلقات العلم وﻻ يسمع الخطب وﻻ يعتني بما ينقل عن أهل العلم فإنه تزداد غفلته وربما يقسو قلبه حتى يطبع عليه ويختم عليه فيكون من الغافلين ”

“For surely if the person doesn’t attends the circles of knowledge nor does he listen to the sermons given and he doesn’t give attention to what is being quoted from the people of knowledge then indeed he will increase in heedlessness and perhaps his heart will become hard to the point it (i.e. his heart) will become sealed, therefore will be amongst the heedless ones”

📚مجموع فتاوى (324/12)

Reference : Majmoo Fataawa (12/324).

A Side Note : It’s already heavy on the heart living in the land of kufr, so imagine how heavier it can be on the heart living here without attending the circles of the remembrance of Allah in the mosques.

May Allah enable our hearts to be attached to the gatherings of His remembrance.

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