Raising children upon knowledge.

Musa Millington

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, 

Now I am not the greatest of parents and I do not claim to be such. However, as a parent I do have some suggestions regarding this issue of raising children Islamically in a western country where the pressures of life and the fitan (trials) far surpass that of any majority Muslim country (unless it is war torn.) What I am saying essentially is that if one can go to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Gambia, Somaliland or any other Muslim country (not ISIS as they are Khawarij) then do so as the chances of having a proper Islamic upbringing in these countries are far greater than in Western societies. If anyone can’t afford to do so then these are some suggestions:

Select a wife/ husband who loves knowledge and seeks it. Many times brothers and sisters select partners who do not match this criteria on the premise that…

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