Results of abandoning sins | Ibn Qayyim 

🎀🔹Results of Abandoning Sins🔹 🎀
1. Gaining beauty
2. Glory in the hearts of people
3. Support and protection from others If he was hurt
4. Protection of his honour if he was slandered
5. Answering his supplication and being close to Allah
6. Close to the Angels and being far from the Satans among the humans and the jinn
7. People will compete to serve him and fulfil his needs and to gain his love and company
8. He will not fear death but he will be happy to meet Allah and receive His reward
9. The world will be low in his eyes while the Hereafter will be great
10. He will seek the greatest property, supreme achievement in the Hereafter
11. Tasting the sweetness of obedience
12. Sweetness of faith
13. Supplications of the angels that carry the Throne and the other angels around him
14. Happiness of the two angels that are recording his deeds, and their supplications
15. An increase in knowledge, understanding and faith
16. Loving Allah
17. Longing to meet Him and happiness at his repentance
18. Allah will reward him with happiness and joy that are not even close to the happiness experienced when committing sins
-Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله said:

[al-Fawaa’id, pg.255]

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