Sleeping past the time of salat | Sh.Uthaymeen 

Imam Al Uthaymeen mentioned regarding the narration:
Of Abu Qatadah Radiallahu anhu when the prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam and the companions slept past a prayer: 

From the benefits of this hadeeth is that: 
“The one sleeping is excused and doesn’t sin, this is restricted to if there isn’t with him anyone to wake him up, but if there is someone with him that will wake him up for the prayer and he wakes him up for the prayer but he is slow and lazy then he isn’t excused.
If a person says to him: Stand for the prayer, and he woke up but returned to his sleep then he has no excuse. 
If there isn’t anyone to wake him up and he took the precautionary measures but he wasn’t able to pray (because he couldn’t wake up) except after the rising of the sun then there is no sin upon him because there was no negligence in regards to the sleep. 
Explanation of Bulughul Maraam 2/104

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