A benefit regarding seeking knowledge | Musa Millington 

(Knowledge): From the tricks of the Shaytaan: I don’t have enough time to memorize! I have a lot of things to attend to! I have responsibilities! On average we may take two- four hours to get to and come from work. If we are in a car we can listen to the Qur’an and the texts we want to memorize. If we are in a bus we can actually spend time memorizing instead of looking outside the window or checking out our messages on different types of social media. How about lunch time? Do we actually spend a whole hour eating? Or can we spend some time to eat, pray and memorize? And what about at home? Yes we may have responsibilities but what does it take from us to spend at least an hour or two away from our devices to study or memorize something beneficial? In fact we can spend an hour memorizing and an hour studying. Not saying that we are machines, we have to make time for our family, our jobs etc. but from the great deceptions of Shaytaan is that he tells us we have no time and we believe him. So I have a challenge for all. Reduce your usage of all devices to 10-15 minutes per day and use the time you would have used for social media, he said and she said for memorizing, reading, gaining benefit etc and I am sure everyone would see the difference within a week. May Allah guide us to what he loves and is pleased with.
Musa Millington

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