Seeking knowledge and Mobile Phones | Sh. Abdulrazzaq al Badr

Perhaps a reason why many are unable to memorize or benefit from their path of seeking knowledge. 
❗❗⚠ *Seeking knowledge and Mobile Phones* ⚠❗❗

*_As-Sheikh Abdurazaq al Badr حفظه الله said_*:

” And if you were to look at now, the complaint of many of the students of knowledge, he will say: _I don’t understand the (knowledge-based) matters well, nor am I well-rehearsed in its perfection, and if I want to memorise then I am unable to memorise and, and …._ things of this type from complaints.  
✏ But if he were to investigate his own soul, then he would find that the cause is from (within) himself and due to his own sins, even moreso in this era where these devices, which have caused much harm to the youth and the students of knowledge have come into existence (i.e smart phones).

✏ And it has reached a stage where these devices are in their hands and then at night, he (i.e . the student of knowledge) sits on his own, instead of being like the first generations (in terms of how they used to) isolate themselves with knowledge and it’s issues and understanding and insight of the religion of Allaah. 
Instead, surprisingly he falls into visiting websites of corruption and filthy sights and impermissible pictures and then (after this) if he were to wake up in the morning he says: _”I don’t comprehend”_. If morning arrives and he hears knowledge and it’s branches being disseminated he says: _” By Allaah I don’t understand!”_
And if he’s told to memorise, he says: _” By Allaah I’m unable to memorise”_, (similarly if he’s told to) master and fine-tune knowledge, he says _”I’m unable to master it”_. WHY?
Because his heart is confused by these affairs and has been polluted by these things and his heart has become diseased. And knowledge requires a pure, clear heart such that it becomes firmly established in it. But when the person opens or gives free reign for his eyesight and free reign for his hearing, such that he hears these things and sees these things, then these diseases and illnesses will enter into his heart and they will compete with knowledge, and perhaps (to an extent) that there will not remain a place for knowledge in this heart. 
➡ *So knowledge requires a clear heart*, the student of knowledge should be diligent in seeking to clear his heart and purifying it. And (indeed) looking to these websites are a disease to the hearts and a blight and impairment of the souls, and for this reason, when many hearts became addicted to looking at these websites and these sights, they were impaired with the sickness of doubt (in the religion) or evil lust or both of these together and we seek refuge in Allaah. 

📝 *Taken from:*
تعليقات على وصية الشيخ ابن باز لطلاب الجامعة الإسلامية
Ta’leeqaat ‘ala wasiyat asheikh Ibn Baaz Li- Tulaab al-Jaam’iat al-Islaamiyah.

  *Translated by*
       _Abu Mu’aawiyah Abdullah Hassan_
غفر الله له ولوالديه

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