Tawheed and ‘Aqeedah comes first. | Sh.Albani & Sh. Jami’

Tawheed and ‘Aqeedah comes first.
Al-Imaam Naasirud-deen Al-Albaani – rahimahullah – 
“It is compulsory to concerntrate and focus on tawheed firstly this is the methodology of the prophets and messengers – peace be upon them –”
Tawheed Awalan, Page: 7 
Al Imaam Muhammad Aamaan bin Ali Al Jaami said :
“Therefore ‘Aqeedah comes first and comes before anything and everything comes after ‘Aqeedah.”
Tape: Al-‘Aqeedah Awalan.
And Al-Albaani says : and this is why I believe that the first thing which is truly obligatory upon the callers of the muslims is that they are concerned about this statement ( I.e Laa ilaaha illa Allaah) and about it’s explanations with summarization then discuss it in detail that which this good statement necessasitates !!
Tawheed Awalan, Page 17
Excerpted from Aloloomenglish.net.

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