Is there night and day in Paradise? | Sh. Muhammad Hizaam حفظه الله

بســـم اللــه الرحــمــن الـرحـــيــم

▪️Is there night and day in paradise?▪️

Our Shaykh, Muhammad ibn Hizaam – may Allaah preserve him – was asked the following question:

📩 Question:

The questioner says: The statement of Allah regarding the people of paradise “…and they will have therein their sustenance, morning and afternoon” is this an indication that there will be night and day in paradise?

📝 Answer:

The people of knowledge say that there has been no mention of a proof within the texts for the existence of night in paradise, and this verse and its like, and the ahadeeth which carry a similar meaning and other verses are understood to mean that days are distinguished by other than the moon and the sun. The different times of the day will be distinguished through other means, and from those things is the light that Allah created. There is no sleep nor slumber in paradise, and therein are lights as is well known, even their houses (the people of paradise) will be constructed from brightly lit pearls. So in paradise there will be great lights, and the days will be distinguished by things that Allah created. There will be a distinction between days and different times; the beginning of the day is distinct from the last part through means that Allah has created in paradise. And in Saheeh Muslim on the Authority of Anas who reported that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said : “In Paradise there is a market to which they would come every Friday. The north wind will blow and would scatter fragrance on their faces and on their clothes and would add to their beauty and loveliness” so in paradise there will be a day known as Yawm Al-Jumu’ah (Friday), indicating that days in paradise will be distinguished from one another—- Like Yawm As-Sabt (Saturday), Al-Ahad (Sunday) and likewise the beginning of the day will be distinct from the end of the day by means that Allah has created, from light and other than it, and Allah knows best.


Translated by:

Abu Yusuf Abdulfattah ibn Uthman As-Somali

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