If the Government bans big gatherings should the Friday prayers be canceled? – Sh. Ar-Ruhayli

Shaykh Sulaiman ar-Ruhayli hafidahullah, said:

إذا وجد فيروس الكورونا في المنطقة أو منعت الدولة من التجمعات جاز تعطيل الجمعة والجماعة ويرخص للناس في الصلاة في بيوتهم ويصلون جماعة بأهل بيوتهم فإن هذا أشد من الوحل والمطر الذي يرخص به في ترك الجمعة والجماعة ،ومن كان مصابا أو يشتبه أنه مصاب يحرم عليه حضور الجمعة والجماعة حمى الله الجميع.

“If the coronavirus (COVID-19) is found in a specific district or the government bans [mass] gatherings, there then it becomes permitted to cancel the Friday prayers and congregational prayers. It becomes a concession for the people to pray in their homes and they should pray in congregation with their households. For verily this (trial) is more severe than mud and rain that which is a [legitimate] excuse to leave off attending the Friday prayers and the congregation prayers for. Whoever is infected or has similar symptoms of being infected is prohibited from attending the Friday prayers and congregational prayers, may Allah protect you all.”

Translated by AbuFajr AbdulFattaah Bin Uthman

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