The da’ee continues teaching even if it’s one person

عن الأوزاعي قال: (كان عطاء بن أبي رباح أرضى الناس عند الناس، وما كان يشهد مجلسه، إلا سبعة أو ثمانية)

Al-Imaam Al-Awza’i, rahimahullah, said :

” ‘Ataa bin Abee Rabaah was who the people were pleased with the most (in his time) yet only about seven or eight people would attend his sittings ”

Reference : Taarikh Abee az-Zura’ (449).

يقول عبد الرحمن بن مهدي: كنت أجلس يوم الجمـعــة، فإذا كثر الناس فرحت، وإذا قلوا حزنت، فسألت بشر بن منصور فقال: هذا مجلس سوء فلا تعدْ إليه، فما عدت إليه.

Abdurahman bin Mahdi, rahimahullah, said :

” I used to have sittings on Fridays, so if there was a lot people (attending), I would become happy and if the people were small in numbers, I would become sad. So I asked Bishr bin Mansoor, rahimahullah (regarding it), so he replied by saying : this is a evil gathering, so don’t return to it, therefore I didn’t return to it since.

Reference : Siyar Aalam an-Nubalaa (9/196).

Also some narrate at the beginning stage when Shaykh Bin Baaz, rahimahullah, started to teach he had less than ten students only.

And others narrate that Shaykh Al-Uthaymeen  rahimahullah, once went to the masjid to teach however didn’t find anyone from his students there, so he just took a mushaf and began to revise Quran.

The Da’ee continues teaching even only one person attends his classes and inshaa Allah he shall see the fruits of his patience sooner or later.

We ask Allah to rectify our souls and our intentions and goals.

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